Rhyme Sharks

Drunken Tiger

DJ Shine:
My crew comes respected accept it all you silly suckas hate the fact so ya'll get rejected ejected cuz you outta line read between mines you get the middle we play ya'll like a fiddle tsunamis hittin you so hard followed by the ripples now you gettin fucked in the ass by 2 add I you gettin tripled you feel that tingle that's your spine startin to shribel mutha fuckas always insist on learning shit the hard way this aint hollywood or broadway so stop acting frontin like you packin now you turning into bitches cuz your manhood I be taxin

Pass me the torch and i'll take em to war my wordplay is flagrant and raw we can go rhyme for rhyme you bite my lines i'm braking your jaw this nigga lowd aint playing with you no more it's grimey and real rappers who wanna shoot the fair one find me with steel I drop jewels like alchemist with no arms and so far i'm leaving forensic detectives with nothing to go on my pen is a katana blad dawg my physical frame is hard metal if you wanna see me play ball niggas wonder where lowd been at why I don't battle for pennies shut the fuck up and pass me the henny I'm rezorblade sharp I smell blood and go for the kill I'm a rhyme shark this t-shirt just covers my gills the mics the murder weapon in fact my spit technique will bring Amageddon straight to your street it's drunken tiger dawg putting hot shells in your chest fiber dawg i'm a bout to ride wit ya'll

Micki Eyes:
I break a snapple bottle and cut you with the broken glass twist it open and laugh when I read the joke under the cap not to boast or to brag butI been don't with these raps since little romeo was sperm inside of master p's sack. half of these rappers are wack so when they spit it they soft battle me you some n shorter than a midget jacken off. micki visions the shit battle any man that you know I'll have empassen out my stickers in the back of my show. I know one day I'll be like seo tae ji with a milion screamen fans so I can grow some red braids and roll around in a mini van. but for now I'll be myself and that's just how it should be so go pick up my solo album in 2003

Tiger JK:
16 stitches on my wrist broken knuckles they lips' How I increase the peace I put my hill up on they mouth I knock the sucker's teeth out no doubt no need to talk about unless you walk about Tend to loose my temper when chumps get buck rowdy peep game I put that on my name J keezie not the one to take lightly yo I ain't just saying ya'll courtesy I got so I ask you once politely the n I smack you once precisely ky like bling bling parallel to the celing sisles are history like forget about if go ask them sniches yall if you really doubt me but I go on like by gone wrap the mic like python chock the cable till it bleeds the currency of nepon play them fool's minds like a simple game of majang and one two I bust like I got to custa motto wisdom izm customize my "sun tzu" art of war my reservoir dogs and all my drunken philosophers happy nappy army brats to chinkle optic golden stars your wit golden claws not get ya chi from bladder and give me ya rah!

A yo I come through blazin. half man half amazing asian. style originating from the basement underground. represent that losansgeles basin. in the california sunshine talkin raisins paper chasin, no delayin on my payment. tryna test my patience have your face up on the pavement im iller than all of these cats its hard for them to face it cuz im nasty like seeing their moms naked cookin bacon, your statements are laced with the false accusations if your statin im juss dope then thats a huge understatement, im amazin, in ciphers yall be standin in amazement cuz I got more game than Dr. J and Dr. Naismith. stay spliffed without even lookin like im wasted, Roscoe crack whips like a dominatrix, the LSAT I aced it, im tryna crack the matrix so get up out my face and get ur fingers out the cake mix BITCH!
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