Impossible To Deal With


When did the pain stop?
When did the pain stop,
replaced by something new
do you remember what I said?
She doesn't care any more,
she's individual.

Look at you all dressed up!
Like playing cards all assembled in a suit.
you remember what I said, don't you?
she doesn't care any more,
she's individual.

Oh, she said, leave me alone,
you are impossible to deal with.
And I've never met your type,
in all the years I've been involved with the bullshit,
You are impossible to deal with

Slumped in the back of an old car,
watching the crowds as they jostle for a view,
you remember I loved you,
she doesn't care any more,
she's individual.

I touch your face in the magazines,
but you don't look any different,
you always had that
high-class look of a lady,
don't leave her messages,
she is untraceable.


We never shared that much,
we cannot share nothing no more,
don't try to stay in touch,
you are not needed any more,
you are impossible to...

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