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Firestorm / Forged In The Flames

Earth Crisis

Street by street. block by block. taking it all back.
The youth's immersed in poison--turn the tide
Counterattack. violence against violence, let the roundups begin.
A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in. no
Mercy, no exceptions, a declaration of total war.
The innocents' defense is the reason it's waged for.
Born addicted, beaten
And neglected. families torn apart, detroyed and abandoned.
Children sell their bodies, from their high they fall to drown.
Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down.
A chemically tainted welfare generation.
Abslolute complete moral degeneration.
Born addicted, beaten and neglected.
Families torn apart, detroyed and abandoned.
Children sell their bodies, from their high
They fall to drown. demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down.
Corrupt politicans, corrupt enforcement, drug lords and
Dealers; all must fall. the helpless are crying out.
We have risen to their call. a firestorm to purify.

Forged in the flames of chaos.
Hammered by trials to tempered steel. convictions, tried and tested,
Onto a razor's edge, that's true and real.
Wrought between the hammer and the anvil, strengthened to never break.
The weakness that surrounds is the evil that i forsake.
Never have i taken in vain the sacred vessel of my soul. i am the master
Of my faith, my destiny i control. nobility lies in actions,
Corrections where once was wrong. ascension from evil with a
Heart that's true and strong. through this veil of shadows,
The light of truth is my only guide. a knight unyielding. to the x i'm crucified
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