Love kills

Echo Jet

Drowning in the sound of the saddest song
Repeating in my head
Turn these voices down, so much noise outside
The words you never said
Tell me can you even hear me now
Alone with the ghost you left behind
I wanna thank you

Cos Love Kills, the beating heart
The body's soul, and every breath you breathe
Love Kills, it doesn't stop til your alone
Taking the best of me love kills love kills
Taking the rest of me love kills love kills

Buried in a sea, under blankets and sheets, 3 AM I'm awake
Why do all my friends keep telling me, you need to walk away
What I need is a drug anesthesia to the brain

Chorus Repeat

I'm broken down and hurt and torn apart
I'm left with nothing but these wounded scars
And so the pain remains I'll never be the same
But I'll be okay Yeah I'll be okay

Chorus Repeat

Taking the best of me and the rest of me and last of me love kills
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