The Scream

Eddie Cochran

C'mon everybody, let's do the scream
Sharon do the twist, do that fish Mary-Lou
Well Sheila do the pony and everybody scream
Peggy-Sue do the slop, Lucille do the bop
Donna-Donna do the dive, well everybody scream
It's something that has started way out in L.A.
It keeps on movin' through the U.S.A.
They do it down in Tennessee, on bandstands too
In Paris and in London and in Honolulu
Mary-Jane mashed patatoes
Now what you see is the locomotion
The hully-gully and the popeye, now everybody scream

And everybody scream
In New York City and in Boston too
Well it's the proper thing to do
In Detroit, Chicago and in Cleveland too
Well everybody's doin' it so why don't you
Pittsburg, New Orleans, Dallas, Portland
Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, New York
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