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I'll say it once for the bayside
I come alive when the light dies
Overcast but were inside
Eyes wide
Lied twice
My advice don't mean shit tonight
Cos I've been driving though I can't see shit
And I've been lying through my teeth just to get the feeling right
And feel alright
So girl just turn the lights down

And too many times I've been caught up when I know better
So I push it back down cos I never want to let out
That I've been dying since I saw you were gone
Forget me cos I ain't waiting for no one

And I've been trying to dig my way out of the ocean
And punch a hole in the sky
And flood the light through to midnight
And I don't know where you're going
You can't expect the past to repeat with the ending changed
So don't forget where you came from
And we are never alone
Drops making waves in the ocean

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