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The Words To Say I Love You

Edward Reekers

And as the sign clears
Memories are faded to awaking
It's like a turn style
A passage to which ever road you're taking
Is it plain enough for words?
Or just too complex to see the move we're making?
A corny legend
Love will soothe the ones that feel forsaken

I see your eyes now
Motions that are hardly worth to mention
The way your voice pitched
Could in itself not even raise attention?
Will it last eternally?
Can we see it through with all our best intentions?
The questions seems here
Words be overruled by comprehension

So now be silent
Never let your shadow walk before you
Don't stir the surface
Ripples can be fine to highly sail through
Catch the moment when it's there
Don't expect more than the straw that you can cling to
Then in the morning
We won't need the words to say I love you
In the morning
We won't need the words to say I love you
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