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Waiting for the morning
For the sun to climb the mountains
For the wind and the waves to answer my call
My sword lies beside me
My ship lies ashore
But few will stand to fight by my side

The snow is slowly falling
And gently caress my skin
Where the steel ripped my flesh
My quest is now ended
My home for me awaits
Where she prays for my return

When the winds are calling me
I raise my sword with pride
Full of hate and agony
Through the storms I ride
Fear is not yet known to me
Fight me and you'll see
The vikingblood is strong in me
The conquerer I'll be

Rans web is avoided
Tall mountains salute me
Home is home again to me
I know by now
What matters to me
And those involved knows too

Thunderstorms are raging
Across the churning sea
Towards the northern sky
Awaits the northern stars
The four winds are gathered
Legions of pride awaits me
As I hail the land of frost
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