The League Of Extraordinary Nobodies


The league of extraordinary nobodies was filmed in front of a live studio audience

I just counted in my head how many people in this room I'm talking to that I would never get a time. And here we are all being vain and looking at ourselves in mirrors very closely nodding straight up in a line, and all the funny little stories that are told are being fueled by what amounts to nothing more than minor crime
But I'm a whore
And I'm exploring
Where the party and the pussy both are numbered at a dime,
I've been thinking that this frozen-globe chosen
Is a candidate to lead me to a very 'xciting end
Another room up in the tombs of ugly substance
Where the gravediggers are shoveling that dirt up in your head
The very fact is I am sitting here with zombies
Talking endlessly but couldn't tell you one thing that was said
I get surrounded by the friendliest of strangers
Who would sooner kill themselves than give a fuck if I were dead
I just realized that the tragedy of this is that her hand is on my leg
And she so clearly wants to fuck
And though I'm wide and I would certainly oblige
I can't continue getting high and then confusing it for lust
I'm not an angel but the baggie we unfolded
And just split to give a lick is dripping at me colored rust
And you seem pissed but I still hate you for the moment
Because I'm too smart to be open this is artificial trust
I've been noticing the fact that nothing glorious can happen anymore we run the gamut of our filth, but here I am again pretending spontaneity
Exist with any insults……
I'm too disturbed that everything you did tonight
Is something else you did already and its meaning is still new
And all the people in your presence are just weapons
It's as simple as the theory that the dieing love to go!

Everybody everybody everybody
Everybody everybody everybody

Here is so alive….
Its alive (echo)

What a night
What a night
What a night
You would tell me if I was crazy right

I've been wondering how arrogant it is
For me to keep doing the things that
killed so many that we know
and I've been noticing how quickly motherfuckers
have the answers to existance just as soon as someone goes
we changed the channel for a week or so of cleansing
and perfecting at ourselves
but then its back to that old show
I hear the cackles of the crowd
They're laughing at us
And we haven't even gotten to the part where it's a joke
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