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The King Is In The Counting House

Electric Prunes

The King is in the counting house, counting out his money,
The Queen is in her parlour eating bread and honey.
And in her royal heart of hearts, she´s happy as can be
Isn´t she?
Isn´t she?

The King is always working, now signing proclamations,
The children see their father´s brow knitted by frustrations.
By in his heart of hearts , he serves his family,
Doesn´t he?
Doesn´t he?

The golden calendar reflects a day of obligations,
The King and Queen will offer love to cold and distant nations.
The children´s day goes by so fast nobody´s thought to miss them.
The golden clock is striking twelve.
Now its too late to kiss them.

Thought the castle´s marble walls don´t echo any laugher,
But the family portrait paints them happy ever after.
But in the royal heart of hearts, they´re happy as certainly,
Aren´t we?
Aren´t we?
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