Chaotic Landscape


It is time to face the desert
Annihilate the preserved
Some people betrayed us again
Our demons spoke in vain

Maybe now you should relieve that weight
We have shared the land
We have showed it's birth

Feed my youth and my sorrow
Enjoy my madness and replace my wings tomorrow
Burn our live in the sky
Chaotic landscape,
Put the mountains that I need to climb

There is no sanity in the greed
There is no word I believe
Yesterday, in my silent room,
I couldn't be faithful with you

I feel the smell of the sand
Will you wake up some day?
So sleep until the night
Relax for some time
Find peace in incounsistency
Did I tell you where we lived?
We are products of that desert
We are products of that desert
And I hope i will return home...
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