A Song For Chris

Elevate: I Am

And the lord said, he can't choose to ignore
A failing heart brings new life through song
So they called for him
They golden books written code
A feather clipped and inked with god's blood
Christopher anoints in his blood
The savior's blood
Can i fill you in? shading in outlines of lost time
The picture is never complete but i created life
She's a pure soul and i remember you a one year old
But i see you in her eyes
The place where you and god hide
I pray, that praying hasn't scraped my knees
Stumbling on deaf ears
I swear, that swearing hasn't locked my jaw
I curse the day, the requiem
We've lost time stick around
Don't you get it? get it? can't buy time no matter how
Don't you get it? get it? christopher tell me how to bind to light
After life i'm bound
Follow my voice
Remember my tone
Calling you home
As i grow older, do you age?
Am i bitter in regret or just waiting to see his face?
I've been wounded in the trench
Sent back to the states
To make believe these wounds were to make home a safer place
It's just not home without your face
But you've given me faith and a second chance to make good on my mistakes…
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