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The Descent

Elevate: I Am

Oh god, oh god, oh god
It's you i see
I'm staring at you right?
Through the placenta i've seen
Is this a breathing being?
Is it a breathing being?
Oh, that's a baby you see
Well, that's my baby i see
I've said that the womb would never see my seed
But karma has a name its viviana sophie
And will she be the daddies girl that i wish her to be?
No son, a southern judge with a mallet pulls the strings
I watch this rip at the seams
Blood is forever
And if it's money she needs i'm paying tithe
God bless this beast
Praying she doesn't have this side of me
Never have liked reflective springs
But vivi, i pray alone
Spare the child, leave me plagued all alone
Prologue and now you'll find, it's me the curse
Baby girl i'll die before i see you grow old enough to find
The curse that daddy left behind i watched my mother od
My first memory
This starts and ends with me
This happened 3 times before
I held her lifeless thinking
I wasn't worth living for
The bottle is so tempting i forget to feed
This starts and ends with me
This starts and ends with me
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