How could anyone be so cold?
Could you leave a boy who loved you?
Who gave you everything
And wanted to be your dream?

"Abandon," she said.
"Abandon," she said.
Did she not believe
She'd ruin my heart?
"Abandon," she said.
"Abandon," she said.
Will I ever regain consciousness?

You've never been in my shoes
You never took my hand
Abandoned by your love
I could not stand to be lonely again
Everybody's taking the elelvators with you.
I'd rather take the stairs.
We could be holding on.
We could be moving up.
And taking each other there.

(chorus) x2

Have you ever been slowly torn apart?
By the passionate sorrow
That's bleeding from your own heart?
I died that day
When you walked away.
I died that day,
When you walked away.
When you walked away. x3
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