Elton John

Well, you come on like a comet
Ideas in your head
Starving for affection
Waiting to be fed

Crazy like a full moon
Eyes open wide
Taking in everything
You need to stay alive

Who leads who?
Who knows where?
If you leave me now,
Will I see you again?

I'm telling you love bites
Like a satellite
Going 'round and 'round
It's something, something you can't fight
Oh in the daylight
And even in the dark night
I want you to surround me
Surround me like a satellite

Oh you move like a shadow
Of your own design
Do you want to trap me
In between the lines?

I don't walk on water
If you think I can
If you want a miracle
Call up a Superman

Are we there?
Is this love?
Is this a space race
That we're both part of
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