Children's Song

Elton John

Here I am for what it's worth
Another well-worn page
But You're all ears so listen up
Hear what I've got to say

Paint in colors bold and bright
Don't fade into the grey
Live every second like it counts
Go ahead and seize the day

Pick up what you want to play
But play it really loud
Break some rules if just to prove
Your head's not in the clouds

When you wake up write down your dreams
Fill your heart and your mind
But don't grow up too fast or close the door
On once upon a time

Don't let another think for you
Or tell you what to learn
Turn away and start a blaze
Be the light that burns

Pick up others when they fall
and be a rock for them
Lean into the wind sometimes
But never break or bend

Love's a rough and rocky road
Better watch your step
But play your cards and guard your heart
You'll wind up with the best

It's never locked, it's always there
You'll never need a key
Come on in and be a kid
You can always ask for me
Always ask for me
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