I am left here my memories are haunting my every thought
I see her frail womb stripped of it's innocence
The measure of judgement I long to carry out
I feel so helpless not my will but yours God
I can hear you laughing your perspective comments
Disrespecting my love, disrespecting my love, disrespecting my love
Headlines read victim of rape found this morning no life in her
Is this happening? Is this happening? Is it her? No God
Your thoughts become reality your actions unbelievable
I wish I was there to help her
My love pours out for her my love pours out for her
My love pours out for her my love pours out for her
On my knees here I lay for you God build within my strength
Take this cup from me God I cannot bear it
Transform my hatred into your love
Why must I love them because your loved them God
I embrace you (her) I embrace them
Unsilence my forgiveness through the word I can clearly see
You love them as you love me why can't I see?
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