Be Good

Emily Kinney

It's unclear now what we intend
We're alone in our own world
And you don't wanna be my boyfriend
And I don't wanna be your girl

And that, that's a relief
We'll drink up our grief
And pine for Summer
And we'll buy a beer to shotgun
And we'll lay in the lawn
And we'll be good

Now I'm laughing at my boredom
And my string of failed attempts
'Cause you think that it's important
And I welcome the sentiment

And we talk on the phone at night
Until it's daylight
And I feel clever
And I hear the slow in your speech
Yeah, you're half asleep
Say goodnight

Now I've got friendships to mend
And I'm selfishly dispossessed
And you don't wanna be my boyfriend
And that's probably for the best

'Cause that, that gets messy
And you will hurt me
Or I'll disappear
So we will drink beer all day
And our guards will give way
And we'll be good
And we'll be good
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