Blue Sky

Emily West

So your conscience
Finally hit you
And you're feeling guilty
And you're wishing I was there
So you wanna say you're sorry
Well, please forgive me
If I'm too gone to care
You can take back your goodbyes
Wipe off those sad eyes
'Cause I've got
Some tears of my own

Weather man says
It's gonna rain tonight
The kind of storm
Where the basement floods
And you lose the lights
Should have thought
Of that before
'Cause I'm not
Your blue sky anymore

So you heard the pitter-patter
Of a lost heart beating
And learned what it was for
So you made
A list of shoulders
That you'd be needing
Well mine
Aren't yours anymore
Come on show me your temper
Be the man I remember
So I won't forget
What you've done


Don't wanna be
That blue sky
I'm not
Your blue sky anymore
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