True Love

Emma Lahana

True Love - Emma Lahana

Best friends
They come and go depending on your highs and your lows
My best friend decided not to be there when I needed her the most
I thought you'd be there for me
Then why did you lie to me
Using me to get what you want?
Then I couldn't believe it happened
No, I couldn't understand

True love walked out the door
Couldn't take it no more
True love
It broke my heart
You make my whole life sore
He said he'd be my baby
Then why did he betray me?
Temptation got to his head
Then I left him, yeah
And this is what I said

It feels like it's gonna be okay
(It's gonna be okay)
It feels right
It just feels that way
(It just feels that way)
It feels like
It'll be a better day
Cause I believe that in the end
Good things are coming my way
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