A Deeper Essence


I tasted the power, shattered the chalice
A bloodfed reptile hissing my rage
I am the Creator
Evil in potence
I am the Union
Materialized thought
The first and the last
Nothing passed my mutual sight
Nothing dies in Endless Night
Adonai name me for I'm your Master
Fear me, for I am your Judge
Sacrifice to me your first-born
Engrave my name, fear my name
All ye, my Children, shall be slained
All ye, my Brides, shall be raped
Adonai name me, for I am your Lord
Fear me, for I slained your god
Learn my name, repeat my name, forget my name
Know my fucking name
I am the AR
The Lion-Serpent Sun
The Wanderer, father of All
The Wanderer, spirit of All
Adore me, serve me, pretend you love me
I am the Dragon I am the Master
I am the Night, the deepest Pit
Fear me and bow your bleeding knees
Humiliation, degradation
Your fear I claim, your pride I slain
Jod-he-vau-he / he-vau-he-jod
Learn my name, repeat my name, forget my name
Fear my fucking name
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