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The Invocation Of Marduk


From the Gate of Fire
Across the Outer Wall
When the Four-Eyed God whispers
Enuma elish la nabu shamu

Come forth ye Guardians
My journey will lead to the Stars
I was sprung where the Sun don't rise
Nerakkal ina im-ni-ia (Nergal is at my right hand)
I shall not fear the Depths
Suen ina ar-ki-ia (Sin is behind me)

Cast to live where the Sun don't reach
Ninurta ina su-me-li-ia (Ninurta is at my left hand)
I will face the Storm alone
Shamshu ina pa ni-ia (Shamash is before me)
Where the Heavens had not been named
Enuma elish la nabu shamu

Oh Mighty God with 50 Names
Slayer of Tiamat, Master of Esharra
I beheld the Tablet of Destiny
Thee I invoke, Ilu Qurdu
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