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Like I Do

Envy On The Coast

I've been gettin' high
spending nights
with the television on in black and white
in a room that's dressed in red..
Turning water into wine
with a lady who
must be made of porcelain and fire
and she breaths just like I do

She shivered like a good bride
should and I swear just like July
Lick the flesh from every bone
'til we're satisfied.

You should have seen your eyes widen
At the sight of my hands
Ripping apart those vows.
Bucket of water for every
match she struck for me.
But maybe,
This is meant to be.
Lady this is meant to be.

Starin' in the mirror
without a stitch on, hands tied 'round
her hips and wondering who is
staring back at me?
So we drowned him in the pool, her in the ocean.
Bury the bodies in a park just down the street
and then crawled back in bed.

She don't shimmer like the others do
But she sweats like July.
Lick the flesh from every bone
'til we're satisfied, oh...

I've been gettin' high...
And she breaths just like I do...
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