Equinox Ov The Gods

Ghastly spirits unchained roam
Pitch black oceans nevermore
Bound to serve stillborn thoughts
Nevermore enslaved to fight and die for naught

Fear the flag of raging storms
Adomed with skull and bones
The wolf pack of the midnight sea
Hunts you down to davy jones

A holy war has been declared
The hooded troops are waiting eagerly prepared
From the shadows bricks are thrown
At the puppets of the corrupted state and law

Crimson symphonies performed
In orchestral black chain mail
A prelude in chaos and heavy rain
Of molotov cocktails


Lucifer smiles a light in his eyes he still remember
A rebellion divine recalled as malign and the rot of heaven
He sees how they rise like fires ignite by a glowing ember
And his sprit lives on


In the midst of the clockwork people
A question’s raised and the cogwheels break
The system fails the operators
The engineers face the riots rage
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