Def Ears

Eric Roberson

God I don't know where to begin
I'm so lost I can't even pretend
Like the girl that I see
Right in front of me
Don't have control
She's like a friend to my heart
Key to my future lover of soul

Crazy thing I didn't even know her name
Who she was and where she came from
But she passed me this passion
Pushed back my action like we couldn't deal
Said something bout timing
Paths not alining but I need her still

Left my heart with lovely stranger
One way street headed for danger
Closed my eyes but still can't fade her
She's been there for years
I've been heart messin wit lesser
Even though I do no better
I spend my nights writing love letters
Landing on def ears

So I ask
Can she be
A simple friend also made for me
Is it a phase
Just passing by
Or could she be missing pieces in my life

God I ask u for clarity
There's an answer theres gotta be
If it was just a crush or infactuation I'd understand
But she reaches for me
Uses words when we speak
Like I was her man

Left me heart with lovely stranger
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