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Erick Macek

You know you could've been my girl
You know you could've been the one for me
I've lust for something so much more
But you came around my way
And then you swept me off my feet
But now you're gone

But now that we are both apart we are becoming wild and free
What ever happend to all the things you said?
I guess they didn't mean a thing, but my brain's still dead
From always thinking that we will be back someday

Life is too short to play it safe
So just go on as you please, but please remember that...
You get life out of what you are, not out of what you want
Cause God knows that i have wanted you
But where are you now?

It's the aftermath

You know that past may never leave
But the future looks so bright ahead

I'm such a sucker for these girls
And i don't know why
Sometimes i just wonder if i should stop
Playing the role of this nice guy
Cause all these girls just take a taste
And then confuse me
As a tear begins to fall, then i start to see that
No girl is worth your tears

But when you find one that is
She will never make you cry!

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