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Hard to Call My Home

Erick Macek

I wake up in the morning
But not on my own
These dogs keep barking
As if someone was home
And I can't take it anymore
Someone please help me

I'm so stressed out
But I keep trying real hard
Someone lend a hand
But I don't know where you are
I'm losing trust in who I am
Someone just tell me

Can I do this and can I do that
I seem to be walking 'round in circles
In this place I call my own
I get knocked down
But I get myself up
It's a crazy mixed up world
In this place I call my home but It's so hard to call my home

Another day in and another day out
I just keep on meeting all these people
Who don't know how to call back
Someone please teach them some respect now

I can't stand all this pain that I'm feeling
I can't stand all these things that I've been seeing
Everything that I do is wrong
Someone just tell me

And you wonder for a minute where you fit in this place
But you gotta keep on searching and rely on your faith
As you take a minute to relax
Then you ask yourself at last
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