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Eskimo - Sex Teraphy (Energize RMX)

[Doctor Chris Olmen]
What we're talking about, is 3 simple questions, and
I'm gonna post question #1 right now. First question:
how do you like (beats)

I see were making progress right now, I like the way
one went down.
Now I need you to sit back and let me know, think
about this one.
What kind of sex, do you like?

[Girl #3]
(Laughs) I can't lie I likes it rough.
But you gots to ease me into it.
See, I want you to touch me, tease me, blow on me,
ticlke me, play with my ummm.. you know, caress me.
Fuck all the talkin honey, lick me, spank that ass

[Doctor Chris Olmen]
Ladies I'm just so impressed with you guys today.
Progress is really being made.
Now we getting ready to switch gears on the third
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