A Farewell To A Perfect Score

Eternal Lord

I feel ill with words of repentance and love
I could never forget what it felt like
To feel my heart drop and watch
As hungry insects swarmed around it and
fed off like a disease to a diagnosed patient

You no longer see me
What am I doing but holding back tears
And thinking of you, with this tainted image of me
With no longer love, but disappointment
I'm still here, I just forgot I was human for a second

And that I can't just be some image
I have error, I long to hear your voice again
Untainted with openness
I'm sorry for what I have done
I'm sorry, what have I done?

And for what I have done I am truly sorry
Words for you are like my pot of gold
Let me not have spent my riches
But without this friendship I feel poor

Though I will still reflect on what we had
And all of the potential...
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