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A Decadent Puppet


Real as the shadows to my nightmares
You came to me as an angel of darkness
And i am completely charmed for you
You´re my owner, i´m your slave
The slave of your fantasies
Into the dark maze of pain

I lost myself looking for your beautiful eyes
I´ve forgotten my past an my future yearnings
Here i am at the mercy of your will
And my desires will be fulfilled with you tonight
To be your puppet this night again

You are my world in darkness
I am the pleasure for your flesh
You are my worst obsession
You´re my owner i’m your….slave

And you´ll see in my eyes fear, horror and desire
And you´ll understand that i’m for you
I´m crazy to hear it
How you with a whisper dominate me
I´m hopeless to feel you again in my arms
Cover me with pain
Enslave me with the deepest whims of your mind
Humble me, show me absence of mankind
Mistreat me for the rest of this night

I am decadent puppet at the mercy of your will

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