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I Just Cant

Faith Evans

1 - i just can't help feeling the way i feel
Just let me show you this love is real
I just can't help feeling the way i feel
The things you do to me
Boy i love you

The time has come for me to show
Show that i care for your soul
No one makes me feel the way you do
And i'll never let you go

Repeat 1

You know my love for you is strong

I loved you for too long
Now it's time for you to realize
That you'll always be in my heart

2 - and i love the things you do for me
You give me so much joy
Boy, you know all i need is you
You mean the world to me
And it's plain to see
That boy i love you

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Repeat 1
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