Your Return


I have some thing to tell you and I'm not sure what you're gonna say.
But don't try and stop me, as we both know that I can't stay.
Whenever I look at you I know that things never be the same.

As I begin to walk out through the door you tell me that we can give us another try,
But let's face the truth I can't carry on living this painful lie.
I can find another love but you are always on my mind, I've found another love but you're the one I want by my side
And then one day, you come knocking at my door; oh I can't say how I've missed your sexy smile. A few gentle touches and we are kissing on the floor.

Then we take each other by the hand, your touch sending shivers down my spine.
We begin to kiss all over, let's not my love rush, lets take our time.
Please tell me this real; tell me this dream is true for months I have needed you.
Everydays I wake up I wish it would be with you, as you're the best thing in my life.
Each day my new love asks me how I feel and each day I have to lie.

And now honey, there's one thing I forgot to say.
Each day with out you has been shit in every way.
I dreamt of this moment but never thought that you would be mine.
But here you are lying next to me, there were many things that I was gonna say but now that you're here lets not words get in the way.

I love you always did I can't explain why.
As I watch getting dressed I know that you are gonna go back to him.
I know that you love him, I know that you love him.
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