I'm Over It


Hey guys, I'm in trouble
I didn't mean to cause nobody harm
I can see I'll always need forgiveness
Inside, I can feel it
I can almost hear it from your lips
It's cool, you're telling me to let it go

No cloud hanging over
No cloud hanging over me
No chains pulling me down
I'm a free as I can be

I don't have the time today to worry about tomorrow
You're the only way to forget my yesterday
When I fill the deepest ocean with my tears of my emotions
You make 'em dry
You're the reason why, I'm over it

No more regret
No more thinking 'bout the could have been
There's no more to give when you give it up
Untied, untangled
This heart's ready and available
Dear God, always make the most of me

My cares are sailing out
Sailing out to sea
Fears flying away
I'm as free as I can be

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