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Best Defenses

Every New Day

Let's break this thing for silence
open up and let it out
let's break this down again tonight
this burden's not for you alone
we live our lifes, like we're alone (we're not alone)
we're not alone

It's moving you in cycles
we're learning the routine
emotions that you follow
you can't help yourself
the images that you see,
are burned inside you head
response in you was everything

But still, you live your life
like your alone
like I can't be there for you
and you live your life
your burden chose
I offer you my hand
the voice is calling

So close you eyes, she said,
for tonight I see you hanging on to my last bleeding breath,
just close your eyes, she said,
for tonight, you know,
we're hanging on to all that we have left

That one last breath! (4x)

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