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Pelican of the Desert

Every Time I Die

Sever the nerve, the skin, the scale
Gather your bones from beyond the pale
Come out of the wild and into the world
Burn all the books, put out your eyes
Lower your sword, the end is nigh
Sink through the pinewood and into the dirt
Out of your body and into the sky
Give in voices will carry us

Turn around find your way back to the start
Love is the way
Love is the only way
Love is the only way out
Love is the way
Love is the only way
Love is the only way out

Don't freeze up in the headlights
Welcome it in
Walk through the storm to the eye
The birth will be calm
The birth will be quiet
But the dark had such long arms
Pulling me down
Sliding back into my head
Where all of it is thought without awareness
Where there is no foresight only penitence
I could scratch at the door but I will never get in
So I rise above or sink below

Either way I am false
At the center is all
I tripped up at the breakthrough
I was scared to die
So the gate locked, the light vanished
Now where am I
I was startled by the great height
I doubted my heart
Now the wine turns to water
And I am coming apart
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