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I Don't Need Love


[Verse 1]
Michael Connelly reminded me with Echo Park
Of days of hoppin' on the metro, when they let those spark
Back when I collected retro art
And since then many a dearly departed God bless they heart
God bless they hearts
Harder living in Kane
Where the sun and the rain became one in the same
I took it as a lesson I was still learnin'
I'm still the will of the '84 torch burnin'
I been through heartbreaks to breakups to makeups to broke again
Not back again, my soul on the rope again
Took the jacket off and saw blood on my sleeves
When you wear your heart there, this the puddle it leaves (I don't need love)
It's the rebuttal of thieves
And chicks with crooks like you, so what'll it be?
She steal your heart, now she runnin' the streets
Don't need the pain, man, troublin' me

I don't need love
I don't
I don't need love
Need love, need love
I don't need love
I don't need love
I don't need love
Need love

[Verse 2]
While Kanye was chasing spaceships all over the nation
I was at the gravesite, face on the pavement
Left College Dropout, first flight racing
From Scranton, Pennsylvania on a prop plane praying
Heart 'bout to pop out my chest in Pittsburgh
Paranoid in first class, heard a voice, "Whisper" (Real talk)
Just touched back in LAX
And my phone starts buzzin' to 1000 texts
Out the gate and runnin' like I'm motorless
I Still Love You explained if you don't know the rest
I would say that's when love became an issue
Anybody treated me good, that's when I diss you
A certain chick who caught the bad end of the stick
And through thin and thick I still miss you
I've trashed every girl I've had since
Warm heart, cold mind is absent
I don't need love anymore
I need pressure
Pain, my veins feelin' so electric
Blue in the skin, choosin' my sin
'Til the same sins doin' me in
I don't need love

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