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Keep Your Head Up


Verse 1
Doing all you can to make your ends meet
Seems like everything you do just knocks you off your feet
Running to and fro, you don't know which way to go
Feelling discouraged, you thing there is no purupose

Verse 2
Oh, though it feels like a load is on your shoulder
Don't you give up, you gotta be strong
Don't be dismayed whatever comes your way
You're not alone

Keep your head up
Don't you give up
You can make it
Keep your head up
You keep running
Don't you give up

Verse 3
Doing all you can to figure out your life
Seems like everything you do just won't turn out right
Your head is hanging down
Leveled to the ground
Instead of a smile, you frown
Hold your head up, hold on

Verse 2


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