Can't Stoppa


Sit back, realize the fact
that EZ3's the house
Check it out, check it out ..
Sit back, realize the fact, the D-Brave the house,
check it out ..

Everytime you hit my way, you make me loose control,
Tease me when you walk on by, you've got my mind, my
Everytime I close my eyes, you get into my dreams;
Only when you're out of sight, I put myself together
Oh, she's got that something when she's on her juicy
She touches my feelings, break my heart and leaves the
Have a little bit of mercy on me, do you wanna make me
Can't you realize you're gonna drive me crazy?

Ooh, can't stoppa
Ah, In can't keep me away from you [3x]
Ooh, can't stoppa,
I just can't stop loving you

So watcha back when she's around, they say
She's bad enough to kill a man
I know she makes me loose it
I bet you wanna have a little menáge
So, ah bring out ya friends
We'll have a little party
Pary, party .. I know you wanna have a little party
Cuz I'm sure I cause some FX on you
Abd, baby, that Brave D. Can't stoppa

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