Jewel In The Crown

Fairport Convention

We are a proud land, we stand for freedom
We've got the franchise, on how to lead them
We've got the history, and books to prove it
Give us the mountain, and we will move it

We rule the waves, and, the seven seas, we
Bring the mighty, to thier knees
We offer hope, and inspiration
A fine example, to lesser nations

We are Britania, jewel in the crown

We brought a system, to the masses
Divide a nation, into classes
It's in our breeding, and on our faces,
At least we're all born, knowing our places

We stay within our, social borders
We only take what, our class affords us
It doesn't matter, that it's not even
This is the nature, of the demon

We are Britania, jewel in the crown

We are Britania
We crowned an empire
We came and conqured
We tore thier borders down
We need no conscience
God is on our side
We are Britania
Jewel in the crown

We are your friendly, liberators
We'll free you countries, from your dictators
For a small slice, of your oil wells
We'll send our boys in, with thier bombshells

We are a refuge, for the needy
Always caring, never greedy
Whatever gesture, could be finer
We've given Hong Kong, back to China

We are Britania, jewel in the crown

Jewel in the crown
Jewel in the crown
Jewel in the crown
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