Evolution In Reverse


There was a time many years ago
As it's told by among the living
The world was living it was breathing
Before the war, before it all

We are going back to ancient times
But not to the time of some old wisdom
What we're going through, what we are
Evolution in reverse

On this blackened ground
Nothing will breed or grow
How could have it been any better
Ever seen anything but gray

As I'm staring in the distance
Wonder what it looked like on that day
The cold metal of the mayhem machine
Brought down fire on all the world

Sometimes I feel going back
Being one with the nature

All that matters to me no more
In this paranoid forgotten burnt world
I will go on until my time is up
In the end disintegrate and die

The black rain flushing all life away
A primal scream echoes in the sky
The life of a primitive drifter
Along the edge of desert I'll wander
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