Step Back


Featuring Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

[Intro - Lil Jon]
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!! Star Trak!!
Yeah! Yeah! ah BME Clique!!
Yeah! Hey! That nigga Fam-Lay bitch!
Yeah! Yeah! Lil Jon and them East Side Boyz!!

[Chorus - Lil Jon & (The East Side Boyz)]
Pussy nigga won't ya (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!)
Bitch nigga won't ya (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!)
You're too close nigga (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!)
We'll bend ya back nigga (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!)
Pussy nigga won't ya (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!)
Bitch nigga won't ya (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!)
You don't want it nigga (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!)
I take bigger niggaz (STEP THE FUCK BACK!!)

[Verse - Fam-Lay] (Lil Jon)
Fam-Lay don't give a flying fuck
When I see him, time is up
Next time his family see him, his eyes are shut
Uh! Fuck a heads up, whachu scared for?
You'll be a dead duck riding in that flat bed truck
Uh! Let em go? (NO WAY!!) Lil Jon let em know (OOOKAAYYY!!)
Soon as you say it I'm a said it
He getting scared when I spray it in this dead end
He gon be dead in a second, uh
Let em run cause my legs in the Jetta so
Run nigga run, you'll only die tired
Them dum dums come, you're done and I'm not lying
Tec nines rain like a shower head
Then put your whole crew remains on the flower bed
Distribute pain, gun power spray
Uh! Leave your blocks in flames then we outta there


[Verse - Fam-Lay]
Stand and clock, while I supply planted rock
My hand is hot, but hotter when them cannons pop
The gamblest spot, I breaks em, grab dice and shake em
Let em go, 4 - 5 - 6, dead em go
S-T-A-R Trak, dot com (Star Trak)
Got guns, got bombs, that make ya act calm
Leave ya whole neighborhood like 'Nam
Bring the thunder and the rain when I strike like light-ning
Got a Puerto Rican chick wit a white mom
Chick trifling, chick like cum
And I'm often asked, I'm out for cash
Motherfuckers kill, we playing hard
While y'all soft as ass
Chew you up, screw you up, do you up
I DON'T GIVE A FUCK nigga! who the fuck?!
Want beef wit the F-A-M, L-A-Y?
I keep shit burning like the LA riots, tell his guy

[Lil Jon] I told y'all niggaz to step the fuck back!
Niggaz ain't listening in this motherfucker!
So we gon show y'all how niggaz set this shit off for real!

Fam-Lay'll leave you wit a holy temple
Now you rest in peace in a Holy Temple
Nigga didn't know what he was in for
All my bullets hit everyone they was meant for
Man it's time to notify all his kin folk
Mailing out letters that you had to write in pencil
My condolences, East Side on the side of me
And I'm a ride till them niggaz get tired of me


step the fuck back!!
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