I've got a picture of you and me, and it's taped to the mirror so you can see alright
I'm not sure exactly how i feel about it, stay all night, there's one last chance to hold each other tight
we're gonna say goodbye, we're gonna say goodnight
I wish there was more time, because we're givin it up, but we'll be just fine
we're gonna go, go, go to the next state line and we're livin it up leave it all behind, and we'll say goodnight to a closing skyline
I'm alright, absolutely sure i'll get through all of this up all night
there's one last shot to get the ending right
with all the addicts and indies around this town, and the geeks, and the mods, and the tate street clowns
we gotta get out somehow, yeah well we gotta get out somehow from all the dive bars and rock stars that plague this place, to the thugs and the bums that get in your face, and all the bullshit and drama that can't be erased, yeah we gotta get out somehow
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