1. 1

    Fiji - Sharing The Night Together

  2. 2

    Fiji - Simmer Down

  3. 3

    Fiji - Why Can't I Get Over You

  4. 4

    Fiji - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay

  5. 5

    Fiji - Anything You Want

  6. 6

    Fiji - Chant Of The Islands

  7. 7

    Fiji - If Tomorrow Never Comes

  8. 8

    Fiji - Impossible

  9. 9

    Fiji - Jowenna (Sweet Hawaiian Girl)

  10. 10

    Fiji - Lei Andi

  11. 11

    Fiji - Morning Ride

  12. 12

    Fiji - Naughty Girl

  13. 13

    Fiji - Nothing Comes To Sleepers

  14. 14

    Fiji - Smokin' Session

  15. 15

    Fiji - Stone Cold

  16. 16

    Fiji - Sweet Darlin'

  17. 17

    Fiji - Tribal War

  18. 18

    Fiji - Unemlament

  19. 19

    Fiji - Warrior Of Love

Stone Cold


I'm stone cold in love with you
what must I do to prove its true
yes I'm stone cold in love with you
baby tell me what am I to do.

1st verse:
saw you walking by the other day
and I tried so hard to get your attention
you kept strollin by like you saw no one
and you acted like you had no affection

but baby I'm just gonna keep trying
I just won't give up so easy
I know that you have many choices
but this is why you don't wanna miss


2nd verse:
sometimes its hard to show your feelings
but girl if you just try, you'll see its easy
there are many ways to show your love
and they don't always come in a bed of roses.
and girl only you can know the way I felt
you would never ever think the way you do.
so please understand where this man is coming from.
I will do my best to prove to you.

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