10 at night and you're pulling me down
We've been together 2 years
And it's still the same sound

Let's change things now
Fuck it, we'll tear it all down
And stand proud
'Cause symbols are easy to drawn

We'll take 3 trips about every month
Stick it in then lick it
2 xxx in the sun
Drive across the country
'Cause that shit is fun
We'll make it look so easy
Bad weather will run

You're so beautiful, I never say it though
I regret that, so now I changed my mode
Every morning before I change my clothes
I'll stop and wonder how you're so beautiful

Oh we can be together, yeah
We can have some fun

Take 3 trips about every month
'Cause living in the jungle makes us weigh a ton
So close your hot eyes and stretch in the sun
'Cause who needs money, all we want is fun
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