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Flamengo Eternally


Once you are Flamengo
Always Flamengo
Flamengo always will I be
It's such a thrill to feel
This boost in my soul
The king of Brazil
Scoring a goal
Just win, just win, just win
Once you are Flamengo
Flamengo eternally
With the ball, you can recall
We rule it all and brake the walls
Of every hearth with our spark
Coz when you shake the net
You make us feel so great
And then you take us to land
Where we command
I would have a sorrow deep in my soul
If there wasn't my Flamengo in this world
It's got the power to devour
Any hour any team
Flamengo until I die
I scream!
Once you are Flamengo
Flamengo eternally
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