I'll Be Back On Sunday

Flee The Seen

Cancel my funeral
Push back the soil
Wipe the tears away
Take back the words you said
Oh Preacher, I'm not dead
Cancel my funeral
Take another look
Or don't waste another word
I'm right here waiting
I know you look scared
This is the only way to
Keep from dying
It's just enough time
To make this blood stop
Please receive me
Just, don't say, good-bye
And as the plane crashed down
I thought you said "let go"
And as our bodies burn I heard you say, "hold on"
I knew that I would never be
Like one who had no hope
This time we've had
Flashed in my eyes
And as the plane crashed down I heard you sigh
This is over, This is over, This over now
I begged to never count the days
Beg to never live a better day
Only to maintain
That this is over
And as I woke up
I realized the things I've said
The plans I've made
It can't happen until I'm dead
Dead to myself, but alive in you
Cancel my Funeral
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