1. 1

    Flying Blind - Work So Hard

  2. 2

    Flying Blind - Another day

  3. 3

    Flying Blind - Anytime

  4. 4

    Flying Blind - Chocolate Covered Secrets

  5. 5

    Flying Blind - Feel like me

  6. 6

    Flying Blind - Girl like you

  7. 7

    Flying Blind - If I'm Wrong

  8. 8

    Flying Blind - Leave

  9. 9

    Flying Blind - Lennon sky

  10. 10

    Flying Blind - Let me in

  11. 11

    Flying Blind - Love is love

  12. 12

    Flying Blind - Love Konnection

  13. 13

    Flying Blind - Love to see you cry

  14. 14

    Flying Blind - Made for you

  15. 15

    Flying Blind - Never

  16. 16

    Flying Blind - Open Ended

  17. 17

    Flying Blind - Paralyzed

  18. 18

    Flying Blind - Pony

  19. 19

    Flying Blind - Smokescreen

  20. 20

    Flying Blind - Somebody Else

  21. 21

    Flying Blind - The Pain of It

  22. 22

    Flying Blind - Walk Of Shame

  23. 23

    Flying Blind - Western September Sky

Work So Hard

Flying Blind

Words They Bother Me To No End
to No End
bad News, Bad Luck, Bad Weather
bad Weather Yea...
and I Wish You Wouldn't Talk So Much
talk So Much
than Maybe Things Would Get Better
things Would Be Better Yea Yea..
songs Filling Up The Room
still You Don't Hear,
can't Hear,
won't Listen
if You Could Only Understand
only Understand
that I'm
sure That Things Will Get Better
get Better Yea Yea...

why Do I Work So Hard
why Do I Work So
why Do I Work
so Hard....

all Alone
conversations Are Driving Me Insane
with Quiet Complications
desperately In Vain
i Listen
i Scream
i Laugh Out Loud At Myself
watching Myself
playing With Myself
as Everyone Can See
the Scarecrow Is Me

money I Will Never Let You Go
except As Trade
to Buy Things
get Things
go Places
its You
my Intuition
yea My Intuition Yea...
there Is No Possible Way
that Things Could Be Better
no Things Won't Be Better Woah...

why Do I Work So Hard
why Do I Work So
why Do I Works So Hard
why Do I Work
so Hard...
yea Yea...

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