Spirit Of The Disappeared

Fool's Garden

Stand still avoid any motion
Just take care about what's goin' wrong
Beware there's wrong information
revealing secrets where it all began
As the rain comes falling down
Again there's somebody missin'
Not a trace not a name to call
Watch out observing their action
The spirit of the disappeared is still around
'til the rain comes falling down

One word exposing the treason
But there's no way to hold it back
One voice you try to remember
But there's so many you wont forget
And still the rain is falling down
But now they're trying to judge you
after discovering where you came from
It's too late the moment of truth
is just one nervous motion with a gun
you thought you'd never use

Never wanted to use

The finger on the trigger
The fear to pull it down
The final decision
There's blood all around
It hurts so bad as you touch the ground
It's all over
And the rain comes pouring down
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