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Destroy The Legions Of The Bastards

Forest of Demons


Visions of false prophets - The book of lies
Images of ashes - The Breack of Dogmas
Proclaim the new reign - Kill the insane priest
In the time of sacred crusade - To kill with pain
Thousand deads in the past - The bestial inquisitions
Provoking the fear - The bodies burning

Into the bonfire - I reborn in hate
The mortal saga - Impalement of Christians
In the nigth of the death - The legions cry out

We are many - We are legion
I´m a warrior and destroy your religion
Tearing in the cloud -Immortal conqueror

Waiting the hour of vengeance
The trooper will return of the battle
Raining blood in the red sky
I see the cross and destroy it

The hell´s bells - Calling the winds
I conquer the true throne - Proclaiming vengeance

The blind crowd watches my glory
Horses and men running wild
The dark past,the torture and fear
Destroy the legions of the bastards

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