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Forest of Shadows

Awakened - this dying season
Such a beauty to behold
Oh autumn hath arrived
A tragedy painted dead
Fallen am I without thee I am lost
In a region of doleful shades
I am withering away

I dwell in the shadows of life
A dismal state of mind, I'm in pain
Oh sun I hate thy beams
Leave me here to sleep and dream

In the midst of falling leaves
In a garden of endless grief
I yearn for thee my precious one
Beneath a pale grey sky
I dream of your embrace
How I wish I had you near
In this oh so dolorous life
Where dreams turn to dust
I have lost all my hope
Of lasting pain and unpresent bliss
This soul of mine
I welcome thee eternal sleep

Silent advent of white death
I feel so cold
Crystallized tears falling still
Oh autumn hath died
Enshrouded am I
In thy mist of endless gloom
Enthralled am I by thy beauty
How I wish, how I wish

In the midst of falling snow
In a garden of endless grief
My forlorn soul of misery
Where peace and rest can never dwell
Hope never comes
I see no point in going on
Still I dream but now I know I dream a lie
So I close my eyes and I sigh
A life of shattered dreams I can no longer bear
I enter thee eternal sleep

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