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Within Obstructions

Forever Sets The Sun

My words are warriors
In this neverending war
I will see to the day
That you heed my warning

Gave you the answer to all of your questions
So what if (what if)
Your jury's offended
Where's your defenses
Where is your witness
Or is it true that you feel so defenseless
All the ones you left behind

Want to see you get what you deserve
A part of me,
Tries to find a sympathetic side
But not when I remember
Who you are

I have put up with all I can take
You've made a habit of making mistakes
Restricted to what we have left
Makes us go blind
Resurrected then torn back down
Into fallacies and dreams
You were lost but never found
It seems
How does it feel
To be out in the open?
We know who you are
And now we will show them
That the love that last the longest
Is the kind that's one-sided
I'm riding on faith
But I've so far yet to find it

You can build up your walls
You can tear down my pride
But brick by brick
I'll find my way inside
You can just give up
Or take it all in stride
Or leave it alone
And let me know you lied
For you putting me down
Is so neverending
I'm so sick of you
'Cause you're so condescending

Tell me how it feels
To feel nothing
And watch it all
Fade away

For you
Putting me down
Is so neverending
Gave you all I had
But you've shown me nothing
Shown me nothing
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