Jamais Vu

Forgive Durden

I'll pray for such heavy downpours the Pacific's eyes would turn green.
The angels above would not be able to ignore this plea.
Rain wouldn't let up.
Mountains would become hills.
Until the day I've kneeled for, when this water consumes you.
Take as long as you need to let air replace its rival.
I'll be on top of the world.
So high.
How's this for intense?
Like a freight train, it will barrel through your doors and down your hallways, racing towards your lungs to leave you choking.
And gasping for your life you finally realize this water can just be so damn unforgiving.
I can't insist my hear to keep pumping my blood to all my straining muscles.
At this rate, my heart rate will fall just as far as my expectations of you.
For so long now I've been holding these wires.
My forearms swelling tired, I've kept the current alive.
The voltage growing in size, I let my arms hit my sides.
Where's distance bred?
In the heart or in the head?
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