You Are Not Alone


Ive seen your struggles, Ive seen your pain
(I don't think youve seen what Ive been through Lord)
Ive seen the sun shine and Ive seen the rain
( all I see is stormy clouds)
and I know that people change, but I still remain the same
(everyone around me's changin Lord)
Ive given you victory
(wheres my victory Im ready...)
even before your problems came

Ive seen your struggles and ive seen your fears
(Im really scared right now, I dont know what to do)
remember Im the one who always dries your tears
(and I cant stop cryin lord, i cant stop cryin)
when you feel like youre on a lonely road
(tell me where did everybody go?)
I just wanna let you to know that you are not alone

'cause when you're weak, I am strong
when you fall I'll carry you along
When you cry, too tired to try,
I will wipe every tear from your eye
when you hurt, I will be your strength
dont you ever be afraid
I will lift you up when you fall down, remember I will always be around
cause you, youre not alone youre not alone you're not alone, noo

i will always, I will always be by your side
cause I have a calling, and a purpose in your life
and in your ministry and in your family, and in your home
just remember, I have everything under control
i know the enemy has tried to bring you down
but I want you to stand up, tell the devil he's a liar: do it right now
cause Ive given you power, Ive given you strength Ive given you authority, don't worry, just believe in me what I say to thee:
you are not alone


you needa say these words with me:
even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil
I know the devils attacking your family, your finances, he's attacking you everywhere
but you are not alone
you walk with the father the son and the holy ghost
you are not alone
you needa stand up, stand up fight for what God has given you fight for your family, your finances, fight your healing, fight for your deliverance, fight for everything God has promised you,
youre not just anybody, youre not just anybody, you're a child of God, youre a woman of God, youre a man of God
stand up in the name of the Lord
cause the evangelist wont lift you up
the missionary wont lift you up, the pastor wont lift you up,
but the holy ghost, the holy ghost, he is always by your side...
YOU are not alone
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